Sunday, 21 January 2018

The New York Dolls - Rare Footage 9 More Live at The Whisky a Go Go

This is great footage and is pretty much the whole set ( the other clip on my chanel with Whisky a go go footage should make up the rest of it. At some point I`ll maybe edit them together, but for now I`m concentrating on getting them out there. Ive a bit more Red Patent Leather period footage to put up and loads of the Waldorf Astoria footage, so keep your eyes peeled. Cheers & Enjoy!!

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

The New York Dolls - Live on the PBS Soundstage 2005

The New York Dolls - Live at the Meltdown Festival, London 16th June 2004

Hi Folks, as promised here is the video footage of the Dolls 1st reunion gig ( not the one that was released officially ). At the time I`d only heard that there was one gig. This one was put on as an extra date ( as far as I know ). If I`d have known about it I`d have been there. Also the gigs sold out in no time at all, but a lot of the tickets had been bought by ticket touts, and they were selling them at less than face value on the night, which pissed me off a bit as it was almost devaluing the event. At the time I`d heard a lot of chatter on forums etc that this gig was going to happen. After having watched the movie New York Doll, I`d safely say that I knew about it before poor old Arthur did, which is not very nice really. Anyway, the beat on the street at the time was that Izzy Stradlin had agreed to fill JT`s shoes and when I arrived on the night I was surprised to see Steve Conte up front. I later heard that Izzy had just gone into rehab and that Steve had been drafted in at short notice ( which is a fairly different version than the one DJ gives on the making of someday it will please me ..... dvd). Steve is a really nice guy and did a great job on the night and thereafter. Still, I wondered why they had`nt got Rick Rivets to do it as it would have added a bit more validity to the night, and I`m pretty sure that Rick would have done it too. Still, out of all of it, it was great that that was Arthur's swan song! For that alone, everything was worth it! So, for those of you who haven't seen or seen the actual 1st live reunion of the 2004 line up of the Dolls, here it is! Enjoy!!

ps., this video was put together from two sources ( the audio, and the video source ) and is really great quality! Hats off to whomever put it together!!

The Saints - Live at the Roundhouse 06.05.1977

Sylvavin Sylvain & The Teardrops Live on Swedish TV

The New York Dolls Rare Footage 8 Kenny's Castaways part 3 (Different Set)

The New York Dolls - Rare Footage 7 Kenny's Castaways part 2

Hi Folks, I`m putting these up here as soon as I`ve digitised them and added them to youtube. It`s a slow process, but when they're up, it is a thing of great beauty to see! More to follow! Enjoy!!

Friday, 19 January 2018

New York Dolls [2012] - Live From The Bowery

Ok, So..... I`ve decided to see how everyone feels about the 2004 on wards NY Dolls? I was at the meltdown festival on the 18th June 2004 ( unaware of the gig two nights before, which is not the one that was released on cd/dvd, and which I`ll be posting soon ), and it was amazing! It was more than amazing,, it was spiritual! Syl, Dave & Arthur showing London how its done! It was, for me a pure life changing moment! After that any idea of pursing philosophical endeavours vanished, when the raw act of living converged with a really crazy concoction of life sweeteners and a whole serendipitous maze of chance meetings and random events that crescendo`d when I met Chrissie Hynde and told her that she had the greatest arse in the history of Rock N Roll! In all fairness, that`s probably how a New York Dolls gig should pan out!
So, on that note I`m going to say it, .....My favourite album after the live meltdown fest gig, is "Dancing backward in high heels". For me, its like the dolls close the chapter with a homage to the bands that made them! Spectoresque production values, Shangri La backing vocals and a whole raft of well crafted songs! I know that there are those amongst us who will feel very differently than I do, so lets hear what you think on the high or low points of the Dolls reformation!! LUV it!!

The New York Dolls - Rare Footage 6

Gotta LUV this stuff! Enjoy!!

The New York Dolls - Rare Footage 5

Hi Folks, I`m not 100% where this one was filmed. Its off a two disc set labelled Kennys Castaways, but both this and "Rare footage 6 are in two different venues, so I`m not sure which is Kennys ( I have a notion that its this one ). Anyway, If anyone can shed any light on it for me, I`d be much obliged!!
And that aside, If you haven't already got this one, it`s a total must! I`ll rip a few more of these early dolls discs over the next while and get them up on my youtube Chanel soon. That aside, Enjoy!!!!

Destroy all Monsters - 22 November 1963

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Rocket from the tombs - Lived at TT the Bear's 2006.7.31

Born to lose - The last Rock N Roll movie. Johnny Thunders Alt Version 5

Here is another edit of  Born to lose. I had 7 versions, but I can only seem to find 6 of them, so this is the last version I`ll upload until I get my hands on the 7th version (which I should be able to get again at some point). The other version I have(but haven`t uploaded to my youtube Chanel is the more widely known one featuring Jane county at the start and I`ve already added it to this blog for download, but I`ll probably put it up on youtube at some point too, but it`s already up there so I don`t know if there`s much point. Anyway, enjoy this fine version. The quality is slightly worse than the others, but only slightly!! Enjoy!!